Small Parts — Short Runs

Concentrating on small part injection molding, Tabor is equipped with fifteen molding machines to handle this specialized part of the business. We have the ability to handle parts of 1/3 oz. to 8 oz. , with clamp tonnage ranging from 5 to 150 tons. Also included are 2 machines with parting line injection and 2 machines with vertical clamp and shuttle, or rotating tables for insert molding.

High volume, long runs are the ideal molding situation, and we have highly productive competitive equipment to meet such requirements if needed. We are also equipped to handle shorter runs and lower volume production.

Processing Capabilities

Most of the parts Tabor molds are industrial or medical component items requiring specific properties and capabilities. Therefore, we mold a broad range of thermoplastic materials from 40 Shore A durometer vinyls to new technology engineering plastics. Nylons, acetals, polycarbonates and thermoplastic polyurethanes —filled and unfilled, are some of the materials molded daily by Tabor. Some of these materials require specific mold construction techniques with which we are familiar.

On Site Toolroom Facilities

Tabor has toolroom facilities on site to modify, build, and maintain molds. The toolroom is useful in producing quality control fixtures and gauges, as well as fixtures for secondary operations. Should a mold problem occur, or if a customer needs an immediate revision to a mold, this feature is invaluable in minimizing production downtime. The majority of our new mold production is done in close conjunction with several of the better toolmakers in the St. Louis area.